doggy daycare in Bozeman

Daycare at Dogtown is like no other in Bozeman. Our social daycare allows your dog to play, socialize and relax all day. At Dogtown, there is no shortage of toys, beds, fresh water and fun! Each dog gets special attention and are supervised at all times.


Requirements for Daycare:


Each dog must be screened and complete a trial day. No aggressive dogs allowed. Must have an application filled out and be current on vaccinations: Rabies, Distemper, and Bordetella. All male dogs must be neutered over 12 months. Females don't need to be spayed, but cannot participate in daycare if they are in heat, coming out of heat or pregnant.

$25 - 1 dog

$34 - 2 dogs

$44 - 3 dogs

$16 - 1 dog

$29 - 2 dogs

$39 - 3 dogs

$5 / hour per dog